This website has been designed to promote the art of music production and engineering through the use of educational and career development techniques. The information provided ranges from beginner level all the way through advanced production techniques. These are the techniques, approaches and methods of producing music that I have learned over the last 12 years and continue to learn on a day to day basis.

The fundamental principles of producing and engineering music, outlined in the pages throughout this website, are built from my personal observations of working with some of the best music producers, artists, musicians and engineers in the industry. These principles underscore techniques and methods that are tried and true and prove themselves over and over in the studio.

When understood and practiced, a foundation will be built that will allow you the freedom of creativity and expression that are the fundamental basis for creating great music and great music productions. While many of the techniques discussed are simple, they require a lot of practice, discipline and attention to master. Each new production you undertake provides challenges that will require careful attention and application of these principles.

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